Dedicated Only to Dealerships—Choosing an F&I Service Provider

Febblog2 | Finance SolutionWhy Choose an Independent Dealer Financing Company?

Building out an internal financial services department brings with it major costs. When a recreational vehicle or boat dealership chooses this route, they must hire an internal staff and take on the additional risk of directly financing their products.

Fill the Gaps in Your F&I Department

Janblog1 | Finance SolutionEven temporarily outsourcing your F&I department instead of building out your own could result in dramatic increases to your dealership’s revenue while providing superior service to customers.

The Dealer’s Lending Agent for All Things Finance

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A single source for financing negotiations will enable recreational vehicle dealers to better serve their customers. A recreational finance company like Finance Solution can deliver results through a comprehensive suite of services.

What is a Recreational Finance Company?

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A recreational finance company such as Finance Solution specializes in securing financing for buyers looking to start their adventure right away. We help customers avoid the hassle that is often involved in dealing with lenders, and we help dealers by getting loans closed quickly before customers get frustrated and choose another dealer.

Three Benefits of Outsourcing Your Financing

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Financing | Finance Solution
For years, outsourced financial services have been growing in popularity for businesses of all kinds. Finance Solution, in particular, has perfected the service for RV, boat, motorcycle, and tractor-trailer dealers with a range of financing and insurance services that simplify the process for consumers and dealerships alike.

Outsourced Financing – How Does It Work?

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Some businesses choose to offer in-house financing solutions for their customers. While this sounds good, it can be expensive and cumbersome, and it doesn’t improve the customer’s buying experience in any meaningful way.