How Outsourcing Your F&i Helps Your Customers | Finance Solution

Outsourcing your financing and insurance services to an expert team is a surefire way to improve the customer experience and increase the likelihood of a deal. Let your sales team focus on what they do best, while making it easy for customers to get started on their adventure in their new boat or RV.

Simplify the Buying Process

If you were the average person thinking about buying a boat, motorcycle, or RV, what would the ideal buying process look like? Here are two common scenarios, neither of which are attractive for prospective buyers.

First, a dealer could have an in-house financing and insurance department. Quite often, these departments aren’t made up of dedicated experts who have spent years in the industry. Although it might sound good at first to tell customers, “We keep everything in-house,” but it’s often difficult for in-house teams to guarantee the best possible rates. Without the experience and lending connections that come with a team from Finance Solution, it’s unlikely you will secure low rates.

Second, and arguably worse than the first situation, customers could be left to their own devices to secure financing. Dealers might provide a list of local lenders, but this leaves plenty of opportunities for buyers to be taken advantage of or lose interest in following through on a purchasing decision. But, even if a buyer is financially savvy, shouldn’t the process be made as easy as possible?

An outsourced financing and insurance solution lets dealerships offer their customers the best of both worlds. Financial experts can work closely with customers and lenders to negotiate the best rates without buyers having to shop around.

The Consumer’s Schedule

When you’re trying to close a sale, it’s critical that you work on a customer’s schedule, while at the same time moving the process along as efficiently as possible. Finance Solution bridges the gaps between prospective customers, your dealership, and possible lenders. Salespeople generally just want the customer to sign on the dotted line, while buyers could stall while looking for the best rate. The longer this takes, the less likely it is that a deal will be closed. Finance Solution facilitates the process by quickly finding the best lending opportunity available, speeding up the transaction process.

A Competitive Advantage

If you and the dealer across town are pushing similar, or even the same, inventory, what is going to set you apart? There’s always wiggle room in the price of your inventory, but one of the best ways to get your customers to choose you for their RV purchase is to offer them the very best financing rates available. Outsourcing your financing and insurance to Finance Solution is the only surefire way to get your prospective customers the very best deal. We negotiate with lenders to help customers with even the most mediocre credit scores secure financing.

Your customers deserve the best financing opportunities available. The way to guarantee they can secure the most competitive rates is by leveraging the financial experts at Finance Solution.

Outsourced Insurance

Many moving parts go into buying a boat or RV. Wouldn’t it be ideal if every step of the process was made as efficient as possible? Finance Solution not only has an expert team of financial professionals who specialize in recreational vehicles, but we also cover the insurance side of the transaction. Insuring a boat or RV is quite different from insuring a standard car. Just like with financing, our team will shop around to find the best policy for each customer. When the process is easy, customers are happy. It’s as simple as that.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

“What was it like getting insurance on that thing?”

“I thought buying an RV was going to be a pain, but my dealer was able to make financing and insurance incredibly easy.”

“What was the name of that dealer, again?”

This is the kind of conversation you want your customers to have with their neighbors when they pull into the driveway with a new RV. Customers shouldn’t feel threatened by the prospect of walking into a dealership to make a purchase, and Finance Solution makes this sort of conversation all the more possible. Connect with us today to discover how we are helping RV and boat dealerships become a destination for those looking to make their dream purchase.