Boat Dealer Financing

Finance Solution will help your customers get their new boat from the dealership to the water in no time.

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Simple and quick financing so your customers can get nautical sooner.

The boat finance solution your customers need

As a Florida dealership looking to provide the best loan options to your customers, Finance Solution is an excellent choice. We will work as your finance department allowing your staff to focus on what they do best: serving your customers. You have done all the legwork in selling the unit to the customer, helping them weigh their options, getting them the best possible deal, and financing can seem like a bump in the road to an otherwise smooth process. This is where you get the most value from Finance Solution.

Buying a boat is a life-changing decision and the last thing you or your customers want is a drawn out process with unpleasant hidden surprises and terms that boggle the mind in their complexity. This is supposed to be a happy time, the culmination of a lifetime of saving or perhaps a celebration of new successes. We focus on getting your customers the financial options that best fit their lifestyle.

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customers the personal, professional financial services they deserve.

How we qualify your customers

For customers in your boat dealership you will have them fill out our online application and from this form we will determine:

  • Credit score
  • Debt to equity ratio
  • The most advantageous down payment
  • The best possible rate
  • A loan that has a manageable term
  • A monthly payment that is within budget
  • Required recreational vehicle insurance

These approvals can come as fast as you need them, either over the course of a week or two, or on that afternoon at the boat and RV show. You and your customer determine how quickly you need the approval, not the other way around. This gives your customer the flexibility to weigh their options and not feel like they are being pressured into a decision. On the other hand however, if all they want is to get out of the dealership and onto the open water, then we can accommodate that too.

We will work to find your customers the best financing options for their new boat

Your Florida boat dealership may be one that is just starting out and if this is the case, Finance Solution is the perfect answer to your finance and insurance needs. An in-house finance staff is an enormous investment of resources. And this is staff that doesn’t generate its own revenue stream. Instead of a necessary evil, your finance solution should enhance your business, be an extension of your customer service, and do so at a minimum of cost to you.

If you are a larger dealership and needed to cut your finance department to reduce cost, Finance Solution can be the answer as well. Instead of adding additional hassle, our services are there for you when you need them. This makes Finance Solution a scalable way to handle your F & I needs while lowering cost.

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