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When it comes to recreational vehicle loans, you have a choice. Let Finance Solution shop around and find you the best possible deal.

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We Are A Great Source Of Financing | Finance Solution

A Great Source Of Financing

We partner with dozens of dealerships to give you the best possible financing. All of our loan experts have years of experience, and our pursuit of excellence allows us to match our customers to the right financing. Get out of the dealership and get started on your adventure sooner – with less hassle – with Finance Solution.

How Financing Works | Finance Solution

How Financing Works

Step 1 – Fill out an application

If you are already at a dealership we partner with, they will provide you with the right paperwork but if not, you can begin your online application here. All we need is the salesperson’s name and either a buyers’ order or a purchase agreement number. Your ability to finance a new motorcycle, boat, or RV depends on your credit score, so once we receive your information the first thing we will do is pull your credit report.

Step 2 – Get approval

We will bring your application for credit to a number of banks and will negotiate the best rate and terms. At the same time, we will get insurance quotes to cover your new purchase. We will show you all the financing options and suggest one that is most advantageous to you.

Step 3 – Contract

If you accept one of our options, we will contact the dealer and begin the contract process.

Remember that the financing process can be as quick or as slow as you need it to be, we work on your timeline, not ours. We can get you approval in a few hours, if you need it.

We Can Be An Alternative To Dealer Offered Financing | Finance Solution

We Can Be An Alternative To Dealer-Offered Financing

A dealership may offer financing but there is no rule that says you have to finance through them. In fact it might be in your best interest to shop around to get the best deal. And the best way to start is with Finance Solution.

If you find the perfect unit at a dealership we don’t partner with, we can help you find a better rate and better terms at the same or lower price without any hidden costs or fees. We can even find you a better deal at the larger dealerships like Camping World and Lazy Days. How do we do this?

Let’s say you find the perfect RV at a large dealership. During the finance process they offer a substantial cash discount, thousands of dollars off the retail price as long as you go through their financing department. The problem with this is they are most likely not offering the best possible APR and terms. You may be paying a lower retail price, but over time you will be paying more because you aren’t given the most advantageous rate.

Don’t fall into this trap, if you think you can get a better deal, contact Finance Solution, and our experts will help you find a better rate for the same unit or a lower-cost equivalent at a different dealership.

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