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Your mission is to deliver recreational vehicles to your customer. Our deliverable to you is peace of mind knowing we will find the same customers the perfect financing options.

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Personal Service For More Sales

Time is money. It’s that simple. Your customers are in your dealership, they have decided on the unit they want, the next step is to get them the financing them need to get on their way and start the adventures.

But if your dealership doesn’t have an in-house financial services department, that process could take days or weeks, meaning your customer may decide on another unit from another dealer or have second thoughts on buying an RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle. The inventory you are selling costs enough, not to mention the salaries of your sales and support staff. Marketing, utilities, licenses, everything associated with running a dealership isn’t cheap.  Getting your customers the right financing is critical to protecting your sale, widening your customer base, and for your customers, making the purchase of the recreational vehicle of their dreams a possibility. This is where Financial Solutions will bring you the most value.

Finance Solution Is Here To Save You Time And Money | Finance Solution

Save Time And Money

When we are on your side, we work hard to secure the best financing available for your customer. This saves you the substantial cost of maintaining the employees needed to establish your own department to handle financing. Why spend extra on payroll and benefits for a highly specialized workforce when Finance Solution can provide the same services at half the cost?

Our approval process is quick and easy too. No more waiting days or weeks for approval, no requesting additional documents, or confusing explanations of terms and conditions of a loan. Our loans are explained in plain English, we give your customer a wide range of finance options, and we can get an approval that afternoon. This is especially helpful if you have a presence at a boat and RV show and have a customer that is looking to buy right then and there.

Our Advantage | Finance Solution

Our Advantage

When you work with Finance Solution, you are leveraging our years of industry expertise and industry contacts. By creating simple, easy to use paper and electronic applications, we make sure your customers’ approval is fast and smoothly executed every time. Since we work with multiple lenders, your customers are provided a diverse range of specialized finance and insurance packages. We offer competitive rates, transparent terms, and a quick, easy loan process.

The bottom line is when you trust your financing to Finance Solution, you are immediately relieved of all the hassles of retail financing so you can concentrate on your primary focus, getting the right units to the right customers.

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