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Do you need quick approvals for your customers but don’t have an in-house finance department? Turn to Finance Solution, where you will get all the benefits of in-house service without the hassle and expense.

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Improve your bottom line with easy, streamlined outsourced finance services. Finance Solution is uniquely positioned to act as your full-service F&I department, funneling all services, lender quotes, and more.

Your Outsourced Financing Department

It is a common trend among RV and boat dealerships to outsource the financing functions of their business. Running a dealership involves countless tasks, each of which could constitute a job all its own. From staff management to inventory, some jobs need to be kept in house and simply can’t be outsourced. Outsourced financial services, on the other hand, present an opportunity to leverage the expertise of a dedicated team to meet the unique needs of your dealership’s customer base.

Consider what is involved in offering in-house financing solutions for your customers: hiring staff, complying with various regulatory frameworks, acquiring new software and systems, etc. With outsourced finance and accounting services from Finance Solution, you can do what you do best—sell boats and RVs while we operate as your dedicated financing department.

  • The profitability of F&I without the expense: Working with the right F&I outsourcing company can increase loan approval rates, and it can do so without the need to hire and train additional staff. Also remember that you will have to pay your in-house staff during slow times and the off season, whereas outsourced dealer finance services operate on an as-needed basis. In other words, you get the benefits of a finance department while maintaining cost efficiency year-round.
  • A team of professionals at your disposal: An outsourced finance company is always available. Your dealership may only have the resources to hire one F&I specialist. But what happens when this person is unavailable? Instead of turning to one person, you can have access to an entire team to handle everything, including funneling quotes from multiple vendors, improving your chances to make the sale.
  • Outsourced companies don’t get paid until you do: Compensation for an outsourced finance service comes out of the profits of the sale, meaning the outsourced F&I company is highly motivated to keep lenders and customers happy by providing the best possible deal for them. Finance Solution has built relationships with multiple banks that can be leveraged in accordance with your customers’ needs.

Dedicated To Your Customers

When you work with Finance Solution, you give your customers the power of easy financing and quick approvals. We do this by taking the legwork out of finding a lender. We’ll gather quotes from multiple sources, present the best options to your customers, and ensure they are getting the best possible deal.

Because our team is made up of industry experts who leverage relationships with a range of lenders, we’re able to get more potential buyers approved where in-house F&I teams can’t. From the credit challenged on up, we’ll find a way.

What this means is Finance Solution offers your customers a better buying experience, which in turn leads to more potential referral business. Whether a customer walks in the door deciding that today is the day to start their adventure or they’ve been dreaming of buying a boat for years, Finance Solution helps you make their dream a reality.

Simple loan process

Our loan approval process is simple, and all loan approvals are exclusive to your dealership.

A Single Lending Funnel

We satisfy your customers’ needs with flexible and affordable payment options. Unlike most of our competitors, we even offer financing on units under $5,000. We have the expertise to explain the financing in clear, easy-to-understand terms. This all translates to an expanded customer base and more people ready to sign on the dotted line.

Our application process is fast. Customers will be happy spending less time with paperwork, and your sales staff will be glad to get to the next buyer. We work closely with our clients to align our financing products with your product line, providing flexible financing solutions for you and your customers.

What this all comes down to is Finance Solution offers a single source for all things financing. We’re more affordable than in-house teams and offer a suite of services that you can legitimately call a full-scale F&I department.

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