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When you want to offer warranties to your customers but don’t have an in-house program, Finance Solution has the answer.

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RV’s and boats are wonderful things but the cost of maintenance and parts are sometimes too much for a customer to handle when something breaks. When you offer a warranty program you can help your customers protect their investments from damage, provide routine maintenance, retain the resale value of their unit, and allow them to drive off your lot with total peace of mind about their purchase. Warranty sales will also provide you with a reliable and steady revenue stream.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Warranty Services

Finance Solution is an agent for warranty and insurance programs.  Not only can we sell the warranties to your customers, but we can help your dealership set up a warranty program. It is a common trend among RV and boat dealerships to outsource the financing functions of their business and an important aspect of this are warranty programs.

  • Profitability of F&I without the expense  – Working with the right F&I outsourcing company can increase loan approvals and increase profits through warranty sales, and it can do so without your dealership needing to hire and train additional staff. Also, remember that you will have to pay your in-house staff during slow times and the off-season while the outsourced finance department is available year round or only when you need it.
  • A team of professionals at your disposal – An outsourced warranty provider like Finance Solution is always available. Your dealership may only have the means to hire one F&I specialist, meaning that when this person is unavailable these important functions are left to an unqualified replacement, or not done altogether. This could mean the potential sale is lost.
  • Outsourced companies don’t get paid until you do – Compensation for an outsourced finance company comes out of the profits of the sale meaning the outsourced F&I company is highly motivated to keep lenders happy and provide the best possible deal for them.

Extended warranties

Extended warranties do have a purpose and can provide extra value to your products.

Exceptional Customer Care

We are here to satisfy your customers’ needs with insurance and warranty options that are superior to what they could find on their own. We present rates and terms from several different insurance providers, and we have the knowledge and expertise to explain the warranty for their new purchase in clear, easy to understand terms. Warranties can be hard to understand and they are sometimes presented to the customer during a stressful, hectic moment in their purchase. It is vital to your sale that customers understand the terms of their warranty.

Peace Of Mind

This is something that is always guaranteed when working with Finance Solution. Our application process is simple and easy to understand with our fast, efficient customer service, you will be able to close the deal and move on to the next buyer.

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