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A single source for financing negotiations will enable recreational vehicle dealers to better serve their customers. A recreational finance company like Finance Solution can deliver results through a comprehensive suite of services.

Direct Business Lending Agents

Outsourced F&I solutions enable recreational vehicle dealers to provide better services to potential buyers. It’s as simple as that. What are the differences that can be seen right away? In this post, we’ll break down the advantages of having a single point of contact for all things financing.

What exactly is a recreational vehicle finance company, though? Finance Solution operates as an outsourced financing department that can leverage both relationships and expertise to offer prospective buyers of recreational vehicles the very best deal possible.

Many businesses advertise that they keep everything in house to offer the best services. This is often true in many industries, but in the RV and boat space, customers will inevitably have to turn to outside help from lenders to make their purchase a reality. Businesses have many options here. They can hire someone to handle financing for their buyers or, worse, they can leave financing up to the buyers themselves, forcing them to shop around with different banks and lenders.

An outsourced financing company presents a different option. Outsourced financing and insurance companies will act as a dedicated financing department that is committed to getting buyers approved with the best lending arrangement possible.

Simplifying the Lending Process

Finance Solution eliminates complexity when dealers and their customers are trying to complete recreational vehicle transactions. Once a buyer has made the decision to purchase, the lending process begins. Finance Solution will handle everything on behalf of your prospective buyers.

We have a record of successful negotiation with lenders and all customer types. If a buyer has less-than-perfect credit, we aren’t going to turn them away. Often in-house teams will by necessity be forced to work with only the most qualified buyers. This severely limits the number of customers you can work with and directly affects the bottom line.

Multiple Quotes

One of the best ways to get the ideal lending terms for prospective buyers is to secure quotes from a range of possible vendors. With options laid out on the table, buyers can select the ideal terms for their unique situation. Finance Solution leverages relationships with lenders that in-house teams simply don’t have, and customers could never hope to gather these options so easily on their own.

However, when a potential buyer is hoping to start their adventure with their family, a complex assortment of lending options can be overwhelming. Finance Solution doesn’t provide quotes, but our advisement services will help buyers choose the best options for them or their families.

In other words, we are lifting customer support duties off of dealerships so that salespeople can do what they do best: sell. They can do this while feeling confident that customers are being well cared for after the torch has been passed.

Finance Solution handles the entire financing process on both the dealer and the customer side. From lending term negotiations to advisement, we’ll ensure the best possible customer service that dealers couldn’t hope to offer on their own.

Outsourced Financial Services

There are a number of reasons potential recreational vehicle buyers may choose one dealer over another. There are the obvious concerns about inventory and pricing, but once a boat or RV stands out, everything comes down to financing. If a buyer gets all the way through the initial stages of the process but gets held up during the final financing phase, they may choose to walk away before the sale can be completed. Until the buyer signs on the bottom line and drives off your lot, you can’t be sure the sale has been made.

Things can get held up without an outsourced dealer finance service for a number of reasons. There could be credit concerns, unfavorable lending terms, or even just a lack of buyer support. If a buyer doesn’t feel like they are being advised well, red flags will start to go up, and it would be reasonable for them to choose another dealer.

Fortunately, Finance Solution’s team of finance professionals is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: getting buyers approved for terms they accept so they can begin enjoying their new RV. Contact us to learn more about what a difference we can make versus an internal financing department. I think you’ll be impressed by our results.