Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Financing | Finance Solution

For years, outsourced financial services have been growing in popularity for businesses of all kinds. Finance Solution, in particular, has perfected the service for RV, boat, motorcycle, and tractor-trailer dealers with a range of financing and insurance services that simplify the process for consumers and dealerships alike.

Why Outsource?

While an in-house solution for every aspect of your dealership’s services might sound good on paper, the reality is that specialized teams of industry experts can simultaneously cut costs and provide a superior recreational vehicle-buying experience for your customers. A bloated dealership with in-house financing and insurance staff increases your costs (which are often passed on to the customer, making you less competitive) and does little, if anything, to make your customers’ buying experience faster or more pleasant.

Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

The customers’ buying experience, in the end, comes down to how efficiently each stage of the process progresses until they are on the road in their new RV or out on the lake in their boat. An efficient process is a cost-effective one, and it’s only possible when you have true experts facilitating the sale. An in-house team requires training, staff, benefits and more. When you outsource, the customer is simply handed off to experts who have been doing this for years.

Simplify the Process

Outsourcing gives you access to an experienced staff and a wealth of resources that could take years or longer to develop internally. You are more likely to make the sale when you agree on a price and then gently hand off the customer to a financing service that can get them better rates. When you make the process easy for customers, they are more likely to stick with you until the deal is finalized instead of getting cold feet or, worse, turning to another dealer.

Focus on What You Do Best

Every customer is different. Not everyone walking through the door is going to have an 800+ credit score that can easily secure financing. The experts at Finance Solution can make the dream of owning an RV or boat a reality for a broader range of clients. In the end, your dealership will be closing more business that others simply can’t make work.

If your sales staff has greater confidence that the customers walking through the door will actually be able to buy, they can focus on making the sale. Securing financing for a customer with a  550 credit score might seem impossible, but outsourced financing experts can give your staff the confidence that no matter who walks in the door, a potential sale can be made.

Finance Solution creates more opportunities for prospective customers to be able to afford your inventory. Increase customer satisfaction and boost your prospects for repeat business by leaving financing up to the experts.

One-Stop-Shop for F&I Services

When a prospective customer walks in your doors, you should be focused on one thing and one thing only: making the sale. But before they get on the road, customers are going to need financing and insurance. Finance Solution handles both and creates a seamless process for every customer. Typically, someone looking to buy an RV or boat is looking to fulfill an aspiration, and you want to make it as easy as possible. If you can cut down the number of vendors standing in their way, it’s that much easier to close a deal.

Stop Referring to a Local Bank

If a customer has to figure everything out for themselves after they’ve decided on their dream boat or RV, the chances of them going with your dealership are slim. They don’t want to sign a contract and be shuffled away to a banker who isn’t involved in the process. Instead, if your dealership is partnering with Finance Solution, your customers will be provided high-touch, end-to-end service that leaves them feeling good and free of buyers’ remorse.

Hiring experts is the most efficient and cost-effective way to navigate the selling process. Connect with us today to learn more about why dealerships are moving to the expert financial representatives at Finance Solution to secure the best rates for their customers. After all, the easier it is for your customers to say yes and shake hands, the more inventory you are likely to move.