Finance Solution Becomes Official Sponsor of New Life Solutions


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Finance Solution is honored to help the New Life Solutions team in its effort to help people improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

In February, the Finance Solution team cultivated a partnership with one of Largo, FL’s, brightest organizations: New Life Solutions Inc. As an authorized partner, we work tirelessly to aid New Life’s efforts in helping women, teens, and families across the nation form healthier lifestyles and relationships.

About New Life

New Life has been the Tampa Bay area’s leading source for forward-thinking solutions and Christian pregnancy support for 34 years. For decades, this Christ-centered ministry has flourished as a positive resource for more than 100,000 women, teens, and families in the Big Guava region.

History and Outreach

Founded in 1985, New Life pioneered the notion of Christian pregnancy support in Florida. The organization would quickly blossom into the nation’s perennial source for family hope, help, and healing. Over the years, New Life has introduced numerous outreach programs to help people develop physical, emotional, and spiritual strength at critical points in their lives. These programs revolve around four different principles: prevention, intervention, recovery, healthcare, and residential support.

Here is a timeline of some of New Life’s most notable milestones:

  • By 1994, New Life sponsored the Passage of Hope program, a nine-week recovery Bible study to help women find spiritual healing following abortions.
  • In 1999, New Life established the More2Life Youth Development Program to promote the benefits of sexual purity and marital commitment. To date, this prevention program has instilled more than 120,000 teens with refusal skills and goal-setting abilities, helping reduce unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The Breath of Life healthcare program was born in 2007 to help make it easy for low-income families to deliver babies naturally. By 2012, Breath of Life became a nationally accredited healthcare solution in Florida. With Breath of Life, expecting parents can experience a comfortable and cost-effective natural childbirth in a state-of-the-art facility.
  • New Life adopted the help of Shephard’s Village in 2011. This unique residential program supports single mothers and families with affordable housing for the first two years of a baby’s life. This enables women to care for their newborns during a crucial period while saving money for housing costs after they leave the program.
  • In 2014, New Life merged with A Woman’s Place, a medical clinic that caters exclusively to mothers who are tackling unplanned pregnancies. A Woman’s Place empowers women to make healthy decisions for themselves and their fetuses. Mothers are able to receive comprehensive intervention sessions that include free resources and helpful life coaching support.


The people of New Life are committed to improving communities one life at a time. They are devoted to saving souls, saving babies, and transforming lives for the better. The organization’s leadership team supports families with the tools needed to help make positive choices, leading to healthier futures overall. All clients are presented with life-changing lesson plans, including empowering biblical values based on the sanctity of human life, premarital abstinence, and abortion alternatives. These resources help lead people closer to New Life’s long-term vision for a world that is abortion-free, salvation-full, discipled, and healed.

The Walk for Life

Every Mother’s Day weekend, New Life Solutions hosts its annual Walk For Life celebration. This two-mile, family-friendly walk is much more than a fundraiser. Far too many parents lack the financial stability to provide their children with a proper upbringing. This puts thousands of young lives at stake as it leads to higher abortion rates, more unplanned pregnancies, and a complete lack of medical support for infants. Walk For Life helps put an end to these issues. All funds underwrite a variety of services including:

  • Pregnancy tests
  • Life coaching
  • Ultrasounds
  • Childbirth and infant care classes
  • Maternity clothes and baby items
  • Abortion recovery services
  • Youth development programs

Get Involved Today

If you’re ready to help your community adopt a healthier, more spiritual faith, contact the New Life team to learn more. Click here for complete details about New Life’s outreach solutions.