How Finance Solution Makes The RV Finance and Insurance Process Easy

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Talk About How Finance Solutions Makes The Insurance Process Easy | Finance Solution

We provide RV insurance and financial services for your dealership customers without the hassle.

Finance Solution can work wonders for your dealership. Many larger dealerships have an internal Finance department to handle all financing and warranty needs. Dealerships do this to offer their customers full services in-house. This may be convenient, but it is also expensive. An internal F&I department has to be staffed with full time employees and these employees need to be available whenever the dealership is open.  This includes slow months where the expense of the in-house F&I department will cut into an already thin profit margin.

If your dealership is looking to cut a major cost or if you are a small dealership or a startup, an outsourced F&I department can be the answer you are looking for. Here are some important ways Finance Solution can streamline your dealership and bring you some enormous advantages.

Around the clock availability

Just like an internal F&I department, we are available when you are open. No more worries about budgeting for an entire staff. And the staff will need to take holidays and vacations which means the finance department may be staffed by someone who is unqualified or unfamiliar with the process. With Finance Solution, this is no longer a worry.  We provide the same great service on a busy Saturday in April as we do during a rainy tuesday morning in November. This consistency and availability is perhaps the greatest benefit we can offer our clients.

Save money

As a business, your dealership should be laser-focused on the bottom line. This means sales and customer service. An internal F&I department is a significant cost and when you trust your financing to Finance Solution, you are immediately relieved of all the hassles of retail financing so you can concentrate on your primary focus, getting the right units to the right customers.

Quick approvals, regardless of when you need them

Getting your customers the right financing is essential to protecting your sale. Once they have made their decision, your customers want to be on their way as soon as possible. The finance portion of the sales process is one that even the most patient of customers will dread. Finance Solution will get the financing they need and the insurance they require. We offer simple, easy to use paper and electronic applications and we make sure your customers’ approval is fast and smoothly executed every time. Our loan officers work with multiple lenders so your customers are provided a wide range of specialized finance and insurance packages. We offer competitive rates, transparent terms, and a quick, easy loan process.

Finance Solution will streamline your dealership

Speed is key, cost is important, and customer service is critical. With Finance Solution providing your finance and insurance, you have the peace of mind knowing you have all three covered. Call us today and we can get started turning your dealership into a profitable machine.

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