The Benefits of Outsourced F & I

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Outsourced F&i | Finance Solution
Businesses are always looking for ways to streamline their operation. Lower overhead and fewer costs allows you to devote resources elsewhere. You can offer different product lines, offer deeper discounts or hold sales to give you a competitive edge, hire or train your sales staff, or even make renovations to a tired showroom.

An easy way to free up some capital and give your business more flexibility without sacrificing the high level of customer service you already offer is by hiring Finance Solution to manage your financing and insurance capabilities.

Our business was built on working with motivated RV and boat buyers to get them the required insurance they need and the financing they want. Once they have decided to purchase, they want the process wrapped up quickly.  As do you. You need a skilled F & I department that can turn over approvals and quotes quickly and easily so your customer can get out of the showroom and on the road.

How does your dealership benefit when you outsource your F & I department?

Dependable financial and insurance services, guaranteed

When you outsource your F & I, the responsibility of oversight shifts to us. Finance Solution keeps track of industry changes and issues.

Redeploy your staff

If your dealership is smaller, or if you have had to dedicate some of your sales staff or general office help to work on financing and insurance approvals, outsourcing your F & I allows this staff to concentrate on closing the sale

A solution that is scalable to your business

Working with Finance Solution will increase loan approvals. The benefit to your business is we can do this without you needing to add an additional staff. One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to pay your in-house staff during slow times and the off-season while an outsourced finance department is available year round. This gives you a solution that is scalable on your actual level of business.

You have a team of professionals at your disposal

Finance Solution is always available. Your dealership may only have the resources to hire one F&I specialist. But what happens when this person is unavailable? These important functions are left to an unqualified replacement or not done altogether meaning a potential sale is lost.

Outsourced companies don’t get paid until you do

Compensation for an outsourced finance company comes out of the profits of the sale meaning the outsourced F&I company is highly motivated to keep lenders and customers happy by providing the best possible deal for them.

Don’t compromise on customer service

Your dealership has a unique culture and approach to how you handle customers. It is the reason why the particular customer came to you to purchase their RV over your competitors. Finance Solution understands this and any interaction we have with your customer is a reflection on your dealership. Call us today and we will be happy to discuss how we can streamline your business.

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