Why F&I Products Are Important for RV Dealers

Far too many RV dealerships don’t pay nearly as much attention to their Finance and Insurance (F&I) offerings as they should. But when your F&I manager delivers the right products, you can maximize revenue opportunities for the entire business.

The Importance of an F&I Outsourcing Service

To help drive revenue, RV dealers often provide customers a suite of F&I products and services. Some of the automotive industry’s most popular options include:

  • Vehicle service contracts
  • First extended dealer obligor
  • Certified pre-owned warranties
  • Vehicle prepaid maintenance
  • Guaranteed asset protection
  • Road hazard vehicle protection
  • Exterior and interior protection
  • Vehicle theft protection
  • Oil changes
  • Routine maintenance assessments
  • Winterization packages
  • Wheel damage repair

Dealers know that supporting their customers with these services can help take their business to another level. But it’s not just the extra profit that benefits their business model. So many other perks can help dealerships maintain success at the top of the industry. Here are four of the other main reasons it makes sense to have your insurance service provider support your RV dealership with F&I products:

Builds Customer Loyalty

When you’re running a business, customer service is everything. Customers want to buy from a dealer that’s willing to go the extra mile. Buying an RV is a major purchase as it is, so it’s important to supplement the acquisition with a resource that allows customers to get the most from their new vehicle. Not only do F&I products give buyers an extra incentive, but they also show customers you’re willing to perform at the highest service level possible.

Maximizes the Value of the Vehicle

RVs are meant to be long-term investments. Yes, they are durable vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they’re indestructible. And even if you have good auto insurance coverage, you can never be too careful about protecting this asset. F&I products are solutions that ensure such a big investment has a long, quality service life.

Aftermarket Profitability

It’s not just the customer who benefits from an F&I offering. The right product can have an immense impact on any dealership’s bottom line. An extensive F&I product line helps produce returning revenue streams, even when the original acquisition was a low-cost one. These opportunities are tough for dealers to pass up, considering how small the RV market is. RV dealers produce smaller annual sales than auto dealers, so the additional F&I support helps create greater sales variability month to month.

Creates a Consistent Need

RVs require stronger layers of protection than traditional automobiles. Extra F&I products help make the purchase more worthwhile. RVs are usually only driven for special occasions such as camping trips, tailgates, or explorations across the country. Owners don’t want to wear down the vehicle by driving it more than they have to, but additional F&I support gives them more cushion so they can use the RV as frequently as they want.

Enhance Your Dealership’s Bottom Line

Finance Solution is much more than an insurance outsourcing service provider. We do whatever it takes for you to get the most out of your investments. An RV is a major purchase, and we’ll work tirelessly so your customers can obtain its greatest value.

When running a dealership, we know that it’s important to provide consumers with the vehicles of their dreams. We’ll make sure becomes a possibility and that you’ll be able to serve the vehicle at the right price. Schedule a free consultation with our team and you’ll be exploring the open road in no time!