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Long Term Loans For Your Rv | Finance Solution

Your customers come to you because you offer something great, the potential for adventure. The grind and routine from daily life is a prison of sorts to some people. But when a family has a boat, or a camper, or an RV, or any other fifth-wheel option, they have the open road or open water to break the monotony, provide a new way to spend time with the family, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Before they can do this though they need to secure financing. Up until this point, your staff has taken the customer on a journey of sorts. They came into your showroom looking for a good deal, they found the unit they wanted, and now you come to the nitty gritty.  The financing has to be something they can handle.

Here is how the financing will work

When you submit an application to us we will take three things into account: the amount of funding they need, the unit they are wanting to buy. The terms they want, and their credit.  The credit report is what determines what lenders will handle their funding. The process of getting funding is easy and we can have an offer completed in a few hours. If the customer accepts the offer we will complete all closing paperwork.  The customer signs the paperwork and returns it to us.

We can usually get the entire process done that same day. Occasionally, it does take a day or two depending on the customer, their circumstances, and the lending options.

Why outsourced financing works

The key is that we offer straightforward financing solutions. All options are transparent and easy to explain and by getting financing from a third party, you remain on the side of the customer. Financing is a tricky proposition especially for the customer that is motivated to buy but may not have the most solidified means to buy. We know how to handle these situations with tact and will do whatever we can to find the best possible financial solution.

Trust Finance Solution for all your dealership financing needs

When you work with Finance Solution, you have access to years of industry expertise and industry contacts. We have worked with hundreds of dealers that specialize in recreational vehicle and personal-use trailer sales. By creating simple, easy-to-use paper and electronic applications, we make sure your customers’ approval is fast and smoothly executed every time. Since we work with multiple lenders, your customers are provided a diverse range of specialized finance and insurance packages. We offer competitive rates, transparent terms, and a quick, easy loan process. We have the experience to service each and every one of your customers and we will put them, your dealership and your sale as the number one priority.

The bottom line is when you trust your financing to Finance Solution, you are immediately relieved of all the hassles of retail financing so you can concentrate on your primary focus, selling great recreational products to your customers.

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